The aftermath of the Maui wildfires has left us with a pressing question: How can we uplift our fellow Night Owls impacted by this catastrophe? Our WGU community is not immune – students, alumni, and employees are facing upheaval. Yet, in these uncertain times, you hold the power to make a profound difference.

We invite you to be part of a collective effort that can truly make a difference – a chance to offer solace and essential resources to our most vulnerable Night Owls. By generously donating to the WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund, you can directly contribute to providing critical assistance to our fellow Night Owls who are facing non-tuition expenses that threaten to derail their academic journeys. From rent and groceries to medical bills and internet service – these are the everyday essentials that have become burdensome in the wake of the wildfires.

Your generosity fuels resilience. Together, we can steer our WGU family through this crisis, enabling them to conquer unforeseen hurdles and achieve their dreams. At WGU, our strength lies in the bonds we share. Our Night Owls in Hawaii need our action, and your gift today can be the turning point.

Let compassion guide your action. Your donation, no matter the size, can touch lives in immeasurable ways. Stand with us in solidarity. Be a lifeline to our Night Owls in need.